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Welcome to I Am Frisbee, your go-to destination for expert web development, application development, and comprehensive database solutions. Beyond implementation, I provide valuable consulting services for both applications and databases, ensuring that every decision aligns seamlessly with your unique goals. With a commitment to honesty and a genuine dedication to your success, I Am Frisbee goes beyond mere execution; I offer insightful consulting to be your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I am excited to be your go-to resource for top-notch web, application, and database solutions.

WordPress Maintenance

$ 25 Monthly*
  • Monthly software updates
  • Monthly backups
  • Monitor outdated/orphaned plugins

Ad Hoc Development

$ 100 Hourly*
  • Websites and web applications
  • Software and scripts
  • Databases

Linked Server trying to authenticate with ANONYMOUS

A user needed to access one SQL server from another. No big deal. That’s just a linked server. Both servers were on the same domain ...
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Postfix Docker Container

I AM NOT A SERVER ADMINISTRATOR! In case that wasn’t clear, I am not a server administrator. What little I know about servers is enough ...
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Put Docker Somewhere Else

After a lot of searching and a lot of testing and a lot of failing, I finally got docker to move to the location I ...
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A Helpful Story About Your Email Spam Filter

If you are having trouble understanding your email spam filter, maybe this will help. Imagine you are a ruler. Like a king or queen; not ...
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Extend jQuery the Easy Way

I have an issue with not being able to read my own code. Other developers, I am sure, can relate. Especially when I have put ...
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Routing in ASP.Net without 404 for file extensions

Ran into an interesting issue today. We have an application that I am building. One of the pieces of this is application is the ability ...
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