Google Alerts are cool.  I now get the latest diabetes news sent right to my phone.  The majority of it is related to Type II diabetes so I don’t really pay attention.  But every once in a while I get something real interesting.  It is the difference between “That’s  interesting,” and “I GOT TO GET ONE OF THOSE!”

Today, my “I GOT TO GET ONE OF THOSE” comes from a Fox News article called, “Stem Cells From Testes May Cure Diabetic Men”.  The article basically just explains how scientists have managed to lower the blood sugar of diabetic mice, and how they have managed to do it more than once.  The real question is still unanswered.  Will my stupid immune system kill the new cells.  The real question is how big is the needle they use to get the cells out of your Forget it.  I don’t care.  I can recover from a kick between the legs.  Diabetes is forever and ever and ever and ever.  I’ll walk it off, if it means no more worrying about blood sugar, carbohydrates, and needles.

From what I have seen in the last few years about cure theories for Type I diabetes, they have always ended with the same question.  Will the immune system just kill the new cells?  Sort of wish I was a mouse so I could find out.  It took 25 years for my immune system to kill the first set.  Maybe I’ll get 25 years with the second set as well.  I would settle for 1 year.  I could take a kick in the happy place once a year, if it means my pancreas isn’t squatting the rest of the year.