Administration and Content Updates

WordPress is a commonly used content management system designed to allow users with non-web-related skill sets to manage their own websites. Well-intentioned clients are excited to maintain their website at first but often realize the time they spend doing it takes away from the time they spend managing their businesses. Most administrative changes or content updates only take a few minutes. Since I prorate my hourly cost to the minute and I am efficient due to my years of experience, my clients who avoid spending their valuable time realize cost savings and can focus on their businesses.

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Regular Maintenance

I also provide regular maintenance for my clients to ensure their WordPress CMS, themes, and plugins have the latest updates. Since WordPress is an open-source software, all bugs and vulnerabilities are published. Outdated versions of WordPress are often targets of hackers and botnets.

Another potential vulnerability is orphaned plugins. Many WordPress sites use open-source plugins as well. When the developers of those plugins stop maintaining them or stop patching their vulnerabilities, hackers can use those orphaned plugins as back doors into your website. During WordPress maintenance, I look at which plugins have not been updated by the plugin developers in a long time and determine if the risk is high enough that it would be cost-effective to remove it or if we should take the approach of being watchful.

Regular maintenance also includes off-site backups of your website. If something were to happen, I could restore your website quickly without spending much time trying to fend off an attack.