Why should you hire me?

In the past, I have had many clients tell me they cannot use a computer or cannot understand how websites work or they could never do what I do. That is probably true. Not because they are stupid or because I am some sort of genius, but because we all have our skill sets. Everyone has their own talents. My response to my clients has always been:

“I cannot do your job either.”

There it is. That is the number one reason you should hire me. Your skillsets are what you need in order to provide your service or create your work. My skillset is what you need to make your website or your computer help you. The reason you hire me is so you can focus on your skillset and not on mine.

The next question is why me; why I Am Frisbee? Why I Am Frisbee and not my buddy’s son, my nephew’s girlfriend, or that big software firm with the cool sign.

I have over a decade of experience

Though I don’t count it, I wrote my first program in the early 1990s. The computer was a Commodore Colt. I developed my first website for money in 2004. Technology has certainly changed since then, but I keep up with the times in order to ensure my clients the best service possible.

I do not have minimum billing intervals

I do not bill by 15 or 30-minute intervals. If I only work on your task for 2 minutes, you will only get billed for 2 minutes; not 15.

I never send an invoice for less than $50

Business checks and accounting services cost you money. If your invoice this billing period is less than $50, you will not receive one. I will not send and invoice until the accumulation of work I have done is worth at least $50.

My clients will ALWAYS be more important than my bottom line

I will often make suggestions that will help my clients save money no matter what affect the suggestion would have on my income. My integrity is more important to me than my wallet. If I see a way that would save you time or money, I am going to let you know about it. Also, I will never oversell you. When the “next big thing” arrives, I am not going to suggest it unless it will bring some value to you. If you hear about something and ask me about it, I am going to give you a straight answer on if it will bring you value. I will never recommend making a change that is not going to make sense in the long run.