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My letter to Edgepark Medical Supplies


Edgepark Medical Supplies 1810 Summit Commerce Park Twinsburg, OH 44087 To whom it may concern, I am a customer, and I am supposed to receive a shipment of Omnipod pods every 3 months. When I started running low, I called to verify that everything was in order for my shipment. I was told everything was fine and it would be delivered in July.  It is now July 25th, and I am wearing my last pod. On...

The Day I Found Out


Believe it or not, I was not always a diabetic.  I lived for approximately 25.5 years before my pancreas decided it was no longer going to perform its duties as the insulin factory of my body.  Take this job and shove it.  I ain’t working here no more.  I can’t remember exact dates and times, so I’m going to make those parts up.  Everything else is truth.  Only slightly exaggerated. I believe it...

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