Beauty Rest


Squishy isn’t exactly known for her ability to sleep through the night.  Some nights she sleeps; Mamma and I wake up because we expect to.  Most nights she gets up at least once.  The last few nights have been worse than normal.  She has fevers up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  When I have a fever, I can’t do anything but sleep.  When Squishy has a fever, she prefers to share the pain...

Night Sweats and Corn Dogs


I started this morning with a bang.  I checked my blood sugar when I woke up and it was 111.  I have been doing fairly well at the wake up blood sugar lately.  That hasn’t been easy though.  I haven’t been doing so great on the amount of insulin I have been taking to adjust before going to bed.  In the last, I have awaken with night sweats all but last night.  I still can’t figure out why my...

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