Things to try on vacation


I went on vacation.  That’s right, I left my office and ignored my email (mostly) for almost 2 weeks.  It was wonderful.  I plan to do it again sometime. Right before I left, I had my quarterly checkup with the endocrinologist.  He says my A1C is now down to 8.0.  Could be better.  Has been worse.  He also suggested that I may want to increase my Lantus dosage to help bring my A1C down.  I...

Eat First, Ask Questions Later


We spend most holidays with the Lawyer and his family.  Thanksgiving is no different.  Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is not exactly diabetic friendly.  Every holiday is diabetic friendly, when the diabetic has self control.  At around 8, I woke up and started trying to get things ready.  The Soprano told me there were going to be 10-15 people at Thanksgiving this year and dinner needed to...

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