Measure Chlorine Levels in a Tsunami


No, we do not have pink lights in our house. The discoloration you see is dried blood. I have been wearing it for less than a week and was tired of the blood sugar levels of ???, so I went to change it and was showered by dark red paint chips. For those that don’t know, the picture is a sensor for my continuous glucose monitor. The color if it normally is transparent with white tape. When the...

The Day I Found Out


Believe it or not, I was not always a diabetic.  I lived for approximately 25.5 years before my pancreas decided it was no longer going to perform its duties as the insulin factory of my body.  Take this job and shove it.  I ain’t working here no more.  I can’t remember exact dates and times, so I’m going to make those parts up.  Everything else is truth.  Only slightly exaggerated. I believe it...

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