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To Pump or Not to Pump

I don’t meet, in person, very many people living with Type 1 diabetes. In fact, there is only one other that I see regularly. There are

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Red Herring

Everyday, I feel a bit older. Everyday, you are a bit older. I mean that I physical feel it. I am 32, and I often feel

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Day 3 with Dex

My Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) arrived on Friday. I plugged it in for 3 hours of charging and immediately started getting myself connected. He

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Starting Right Now

One of the things I hate the most, is high blood sugar.  Not high like, “Oh. Good thing I tested.  I didn’t even notice."  High

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Adventures in Veterans Affairs

I have been planning, for a while now, to start getting my prescriptions and medical care through Veterans Affairs. Basically, everything was supposed to be

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