To Pump or Not to Pump


I don’t meet, in person, very many people living with Type 1 diabetes. In fact, there is only one other that I see regularly. There are others in the area. You just have to participate more. On the rare occurrence that I do, it seems that many of us suffered the same dilemma.  Should I get the pump?  Should I get a CGM? Is there enough room on your toothpick-shaped body to have two devices...

7.7 A1C for My Diaversary


This may get long winded, so bear with me. Today I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. I was a little worried about my A1C because the holidays are evil. Wow. I mean it. I cannot have carbohydrates without taking insulin; yet every gift basket, box of candy, and tin of cookies that gets sent to the office has food that requires insulin. Snaking is my weakness. The idea of taking insulin...

Things to try on vacation


I went on vacation.  That’s right, I left my office and ignored my email (mostly) for almost 2 weeks.  It was wonderful.  I plan to do it again sometime. Right before I left, I had my quarterly checkup with the endocrinologist.  He says my A1C is now down to 8.0.  Could be better.  Has been worse.  He also suggested that I may want to increase my Lantus dosage to help bring my A1C down.  I...

A1C: Status Quo


I know it has been a while.  We will ignore the fact that I don’t get much time to blog.  Even now, I have an appointment in 27 minutes.  I just don’t have the free time to blog like I want. Last week, I had another appointment with Dr. Langley.  First, let me tell you how much I like my doctor.  He has to be the greatest endocrinologist of all time.  He doesn’t make me feel...

Eight and Four Tenths


Yesterday was my appointment with the endocrinologists.  I was hopeful that I would finally have broken the curse of the 9 point A1C.  The doctor came back with the results.  I was all pins and needles in anticipation.  Imagine the scene.  My endocrinologists is an older gentleman.  He walks back into the room and says, “I have to remember what your last A1C was in order to compare.” “9.1,” I...

Being Good at Diabetes


Tomorrow is my endocrinologist appointment.  The last few weeks have been so hectic that I have had barely enough time to think.  I certainly did not take care of diabetes appropriately.  Not that a couple of weeks will save my A1C as it is over a “prolonged period time” and not just the last few weeks.  One can hope though.  I’m just hoping that my A1C is lower than 9.1 at the moment. Who has...

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