Every day feels like another tornado.  In the mornings, Tata is in school while I am at work.  In the evenings, Mamma is in school.  I was going to start trying to help get some of the cleaning done.  I think I say that to myself every night.  This was the first night that something else wasn’t going on.  Instead of rushing all over trying to get things done, I spent an hour in the kitchen trying to figure out what I was going to cook.  I strongly believe that every meal idea from our kitchen is missing one ingredient.

Mamma doesn’t like cheese, but Tata and I do.  Perfect night for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, if we had milk.  Tuna fish sandwiches would be good, if we had mayonnaise.  Can’t complain about sloppy joes, if we had ketchup.  How about some shepherd’s pie?  All out of ground shepherds.  No, we don’t have cream of mushroom soup.

Squishy has also been very helpful.  Normally we have a plan.  I try to feed her at 6 and at 8. She eats and 5:30 and 9.  Tonight, she would not eat any where near 6 o’clock.  She smiled, she laughed, she blew bubbles in her milk, but there was no swallowing.  Did you just say that?  Too many jokes.  At 8:30, I was trying to get Tata’s hair dry and get her into bed. That is when Squishy finally decided to be hungry.  If that was what one hungry baby sounded like, world hunger must be deafening.  I figured she hadn’t eaten yet, so I warmed up four ounces of Mamma’s milk.  Then, the screaming started again, and I warmed up four more.  Then, the screaming started again, and I warmed up four more.  Believe it or not, that wasn’t redundant.  The last four are sitting on the coffee table, and now Squishy is sleeping.

That isn’t anything new though is it?  That was new to me.  Life is life.  Some days are easy and some not so much.  Weather we have diabetes or we are perfectly healthy, the only thing certain about tomorrow is it will happen tomorrow.

Who wants to talk about diabetes?  What’s your blood sugar?  That’s a great question.  Brief dramatic pause for testing.  The result is 168.  That’s not between 80 and 120.  When this was my job, I was able to keep the sugar in check.  Quitters don’t have bragging rights.  Now, I get to take 1 unit of insulin.  I’m still hungry.  I may take just a little more.  Anyone for ice scream?