Edgepark Medical Supplies
1810 Summit Commerce Park
Twinsburg, OH 44087

To whom it may concern,

I am a customer, and I am supposed to receive a shipment of Omnipod pods every 3 months. When I started running low, I called to verify that everything was in order for my shipment. I was told everything was fine and it would be delivered in July.  It is now July 25th, and I am wearing my last pod. On Sunday, it will expire and be useless. When I called customer service to find out where my package was, I was told that the shipment had been canceled. After being transferred twice, I was able to talk to someone that knew the reason my shipment was canceled. She told me my shipment was canceled because I didn’t respond to a voicemail. I never received a voicemail and that is beside the point.

I am type 1 diabetic. I’m going to give you a brief explanation of what that means because apparently Edgepark doesn’t already know. It means, I do not produce insulin. Without injecting insulin into my body, my blood sugar will continue to increase until I have a stroke.  Basically, without insulin, I’m risking death. Insulin gets into my body using the pods I am supposed to receive from Edgepark. These pods are good for 3 days. After that, they are useless. If I run out of pods, my alternative is trying to manually do what the pod does which means giving myself 0.625 units of insulin every hour using a syringe. If you have ever seen a syringe, 0.625 is not a value you can measure out properly. Also, though I do have some syringes in case of emergency, I only have about 20 at any given time as I generally do not use them. I have the pods for this. You may be thinking, “I know people who don’t use a pump.” That’s correct. But those people have two types of insulin. Pump users only have 1 type of insulin.  The second type of insulin is long lasting and used to balance the diabetic throughout the day. Without this second type of insulin, in order to recreate what the pump does, I would need the 0.625 units of insulin every hour. I hope this makes sense.

I am sure, by now, you have realized that I am not happy. I am livid. I called today to find out where the order was that I was promised and found out it was canceled because I did not respond to a voicemail I did not receive. Let me make sure I understand this correctly. Edgepark’s policy is to leave one voicemail. If you do not receive a call back, you just cancel the order of the medicine that my life depends on. There are no other attempts to make sure that I do not want the medicine that allows me to live. You assume, that as an insulin dependent diabetic, I would rather die than return your call. Assuming you made this assumption, should you not, at the very least, attempt to let me know that you have canceled the order that keeps me alive?  How about sending me a letter?  Assuming you had the wrong number and no other way to communicate with me, how about sending me a letter. At least I would have received that in time to fix the problem. But you did not have the wrong number as I verified it when I found out that you signed my death certificate.

I want to know how I can trust your company. What is Edgepark Medical Supply going to do to ensure this does not happen again? I seriously have no idea how I am going to survive until Tuesday. My doctor’s office is closed, I don’t have a diabetes educator, and the other diabetics I know in the area do not use Omnipod and, thankfully, do not use Edgepark to supply them.

Extremely dissatisfied customer,


Shaun Thomas Frisbee