Squishy is teething.  Anyone else tired?  I feel like I slept once, but I cannot remember when it was.  As always, time to write has proven difficult to obtain.  Right now, things are more hectic than normal.  We just finished moving.  Not quite.  Alright, we just started living in a new place.  We still have a few things to unpack.  A few?  It has been a slow processes with me working during the day and Mamma at school at night.  It’s a work in progress.  Without the work… or the progress.

Somehow, during the move, all of my stuff was packed into miscellaneous boxes.  There was a good day or two that I didn’t change clothes because I couldn’t find my clothes.  Gross.  Although, the most difficult thing to lose was my testing strips.  I cannot begin to describe the level of stupidity I reach when my blood sugar gets low.  There is no common sense remaining, all major brain function has stopped, and everything is out to drive me mad.  Right.  Because sanity has always been his strong suit.  I remember standing in the kitchen absolutely, 100%, no doubt in my mind, lower than my big toe, in complete confusion about what I should do next.  It was like having a fight with myself and being equally matched.  I would be worried if one of you was stronger than the other.   I would start with, “Where are my strips?  I have to find my strips!”  Then, while digging for strips in the boxes, “What am I doing?  I am low.  I know I am low.  Eat sugar!”  With that thought, I would move back to the empty refrigerator.  I would stare into the empty refrigerator for an eternity.  Then, I would realize that I hadn’t checked my sugar and would return to trying to find my strips.  Not my brightest moment.  Sadly, not your dumbest either.  The more the search continued, the more frustrated I became, and the more I started to believe that someone was hiding my strips and my food on purpose.

Normally, this is not an issue.  I usually carry enough supplies for two days in my bag. PURSE!  And I make sure I have those supplies every morning.  Well, my bag was empty before we found my supplies.  Maybe you should have packed them separately.  If you are a diabetic, and you are moving,  it would be a good idea to pack your diabetes supplies separately.  Losing track of them may make you crazy.