I have a wife who is going to school full time, a child in the first grade, a child still in diapers, a cat who is always starving to death, and two frogs that are easily forgotten.  When I started this blog, it was right after I earned my master’s degree and right before Beth started school.  I thought I would have free time to keep the world updated on what it is like to be father/husband with diabetes.  Plus, I wanted to be able to get some humor out this disease, as there is not a whole lot of humor in diabetes, with the remarks of my lazy pancreas.  No applause necessary.  I have since discovered that free time is not a luxury I have.  I need to get a schedule going because there is so much to say and so little time to type it out in the little text editor.  I could help.  Really?  Really.  Good.  Produce some insulin.

And it is not like my diabetes stopped and I have had nothing to say.  Oh no.  My pancreas is still just as worthless as a screen door on a submarine.  The problem is that my daily routine is go to work, come home, watch kids, and sleep.  That really is it.  In between those events, I try to remember to do things like eat, check my blood sugar, take insulin, use the restroom.  Usually, I forget to each lunch, I’m doing the pee-pee dance before I remember to go the restroom, I can smell my blood sugar before I remember to take my insulin, and I can feel the earth spinning before I remember to check my blood sugar.  By the time I get to typing in the blog, I am half asleep and taking a little extra insulin because my blood sugar should not be 180, but I couldn’t resist the ice cream sandwich.  The ice cream sandwich?  I quit because you resist food.  I had to be a mathlete just to produce the appropriate amount of insulin.

Tonight, we went to Old Country Buffet.  The words “all you can eat” are like music to my ears.  I am 100% prepared to stay up all night adjusting my blood sugar to enjoy eating as much as I want of many different dishes.  That’s what I am doing tonight.  I ate french fries, tacos, fried fish, fried chicken, ice cream, mashed potatoes, corn, corn dogs, steak, cookies, and cheese cake.  That should be a couple of units of Novalog.  Eesh.  I can’t help it.  Food loves me.  I just wish I had a pancreas to accommodate my desire to eat food.  If Wal-Mart ever has a sale on pancreases, I am totally getting a new one.  What? No sentimental value? None.

Well, I do believe that is the end of tonight’s rant.  Hopefully, I will remember to rant more often.  Fingers crossed.