You know how much I love health insurance? You know liars go to hell?  I received a letter stating that I would have to purchase one of my insulins through the mail from now on or I would have to pay for it out of pocket and it would be applied to my out of network deductible and not to the one I really use.  They gave you an alternative though.  Yeah; soft of.  I can go back to using Humalog Vials and syringes instead of Novolog pens.  Please, I don’t have enough to deal with.  Let’s have the insurance company decide which medicines I need.  Whatever happened to doctors making those kinds of decisions with patients?  That’s just a bit of background annoyance.

The real kicker is my own stupidity.  Isn’t it always.  Because I have no desire to start carrying around vials and syringes, I had my doctor send all of my prescriptions to the mail order pharmacy of my insurance companies choice.  It was awesome.  I received a phone call 2 days later asking me for my credit card information so that they could mail me my prescriptions.  Still working on paying my deductible so I sort of expected that.  Due to the savings I get when using the mail order pharmacy, the total cost was only $1,800.  HOLY…  After about 5 minutes of me trying to find the words to appropriately say the sentence in my head, I found out that this wonderful discounted price was due to the fact that my prescriptions are for 3 months.  I didn’t have this problem at CVS because they would give me a month at time.  I asked if I could get a month at time.  The mail order pharmacy of my insurance companies choice does not split up prescriptions.  They will, however, allow me to pay over a 3 month period for a small service fee of $75 or $25 a month.  Whoa!

So today, I have no strips and according to the website of the mail order pharmacy that my insurance company chose for me, my strips will be arriving on the 27th.  I tried to go to the pharmacy last night to pay out of pocket, but it closed at 6 o’clock and I arrived at 7.  So I tried again this morning and it opens at 10. Why didn’t you look at today’s hours when you were there last night?  I haven’t tested my blood since 7AM yesterday.  Anyone want to take a guess at how good I am at guessing my own blood sugar?