Yesterday was my appointment with the endocrinologists.  I was hopeful that I would finally have broken the curse of the 9 point A1C.  The doctor came back with the results.  I was all pins and needles in anticipation.  Imagine the scene.  My endocrinologists is an older gentleman.  He walks back into the room and says, “I have to remember what your last A1C was in order to compare.”
“9.1,” I said eagerly.
“Well, then you have made some improvement. You have 8.4.”
“YES!” I shout. Not, I said with emphasis. I shouted. A diabetic shouting with joy about an A1C that is 8.4 is just a tad unusual to begin with.  Now, imagine his reaction.  He could have explained that 8.4 was still not good.  He could have congratulated me on my small improvement. There are lots of things he could have done, but nothing quit as great as what he did do.
“YEESS!” he shouted.
“YES!” we shouted, raising our arms in the air like the winners of a race crossing the finish line.  My endocrinologist is awesome.

We also talked about getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).  I have a number to call today to speak with a diabetes educator and get some time plugged in.  I’m still not sure if I’m ready to have things dangling from my body, but I know I’m sure I want to get my A1C down to normal.  The CGM could really help.  So I’ll start with that.  If that goes well, maybe I can get below 7 next time.