Today has been a day of disappearing moments.  I woke up this morning and I swear it was time to leave the house right after I finished breakfast.  Usually, I eat faster than that.  Then, I got to work and had these lapses of time where I must have been one with my computer as lunch time past me by without saying a word.  I ended up eating lunch around 1:30.  Not too bad, though I tend to shot for noon.  At around 3:30 I was sitting at 119 for a blood sugar and 30 minutes from home.  At four, I was at 262.  There’s that magic sugar again.  I took 3 hits of insulins and ran home.  When I got to the house, Mamma had already made dinner and my blood sugar had made the dramatic drop down to 260.  Where is the sugar coming from?  Oxygen now contains 15 grams of carbohydrates per inhale.  I feed both children and then Tata and I played checkers until 8:00.

That’s right.  My five year old daughter is playing checkers.  She really wants to play chess, but I’m waiting for her to get checkers down first.  It is so awesome to watch the learning process.  Initially, she was just moving the pieces forward to their doom, but now there is concentration and planning.  She looks at the other pieces on the board and watches to see where she can go safely.  She is still not a champion checker player… Because you are? But it is awesome to watch the learning process; one game at a time.