Squishy isn’t exactly known for her ability to sleep through the night.  Some nights she sleeps; Mamma and I wake up because we expect to.  Most nights she gets up at least once.  The last few nights have been worse than normal.  She has fevers up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  When I have a fever, I can’t do anything but sleep.  When Squishy has a fever, she prefers to share the pain with everyone around her.  I can image it comes from a place of confusion.  Something is obviously wrong, but a great lack of understanding puts her in a very foul mood.  I hadn’t noticed.  I do not function properly without sleep.  Not even close.  Just typing right now is very tiring, and I’m strongly thinking about calling it quits for the night.

Without adequate sleep, I do not move at my normal pace in the morning. What is this morning you speak of?  I woke up at the right time, but I was late to leave, and we were out of cereal so I didn’t eat breakfast.  I also forgot my insulin and meter on the kitchen counter.  To top it all off, I forgot to make my lunch.  Maybe it would be easier to make a list of things you remembered.  At around 1:00 and after about 5 cups of coffee, my body just started shutting down.  I could feel my blood sugar getting low, so I ate some sugar.  Some sugar?  You made Hansel and Gretal look like health nuts.  I didn’t know exactly how low because I couldn’t test.  I expected the sugar to take affect in about 15 minutes.  At around 1:30, I was still a little loopy, I didn’t feel like my blood sugar had gone up at all, and my coworkers started to worry.  It was time to go.  I couldn’t really get control of my blood sugar without my meter.

The drive home was exciting.  And I was thinking more like terrifying, horrible, frightening, worse than death, abandon all hope here, or just screaming like a girl.  There is nothing better than swerving through traffic while sliding in and out of consciousness.  His sarcasm is a defense mechanism to hide his true feelings of shear terror.  It was one of the scariest roller coasters I have ever been on.  I remember staring out the windshield with my eyes wide open thinking, “Why is that orange barrel driving towards me?” Turns out I had that backwards.  At least when you are falling asleep behind the wheel you have your eyes closed.  When your blood sugar is low, you just wonder why you are seeing the things you are seeing.  It was like I was completely aware of what my surroundings were, just not how they were going to affect me. Click here for examples.

When I finally reached the house, I plopped down in the lazy boy in the den and almost fell asleep immediately.  Mamma was on the couch playing with her laptop.  She said she had just put Squishy to bed.  Like clock work, Squishy started screaming as soon as if the period at the end of Mamma’s sentence was her cue.  I went up stars, took squishy out of the crib, and we laid down in my bed together.  Within seconds we were both in dreamland.

Mamma woke us up and Squishy’s fever started coming down.  I just put her to bed and she has had a normal temperature for about 5 hours with no medicine or cold washcloths.  I have been feeling gradually worse since I woke up.  I know I slept, but I don’t feel like I have slept.  It is like the battery charger for my body is no longer working.  I plug myself in, go to sleep, and when I wake up the battery power is lower.  I think it may just be my subconscious way of worrying about Squishy which is not letting my body sleep properly.  I hope that’s what it is anyway.  For now, both girls are in bed, and the couch and I have an overdue date.  Good night world.

P.S. If your blood sugar is low, driving may not be the best idea.  Ya think?