In the early stages of my development career, I found myself navigating the challenging terrain of fixing projects rather than building them from scratch. Fresh out of college, I faced the daunting task of untangling the web of issues left behind by other developers. Working solo in a company that accepted projects regardless of their complexity, I gained a unique skill set and an insider’s view into the questionable practices some developers employed.

I witnessed fellow developers taking advantage of clients through overcharging, unnecessary upsells, and delivering subpar work. Despite the frustration of cleaning up others’ messes, these experiences fueled my determination to chart a different course when I founded I Am Frisbee.

At I Am Frisbee, I am driven by a commitment to transparency and ethical practices. I believe in empowering clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. I am dedicated to advising clients when a project may not be the best fit for them. My goal is simple: to maintain integrity, earn trust, and always have my clients’ best interests at heart.

Join me at I Am Frisbee, where your success is my priority.