This may get long winded, so bear with me.

Today I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. I was a little worried about my A1C because the holidays are evil. Wow. I mean it. I cannot have carbohydrates without taking insulin; yet every gift basket, box of candy, and tin of cookies that gets sent to the office has food that requires insulin. Snaking is my weakness. The idea of taking insulin for one little, bitty, teeny, weeny cookie is absurd. One? That’s just it; it never is just one. It is one every time I pass the table. That adds up. This is my life every holiday. But, despite my lack of control and my worry, my A1C was 7.7. And the crowd goes wild-ish. My last A1C was 8.0 and the one before that was 8.4 and before that I was playing with the nines for more than four years. That’s still not between 4 and 6. It’s an improvement. It may be a minor victory, but it is still a victory.

Tonight is also the night were a bunch of people dealing with diabetes get together for a TweetChat.  I found this out last week. Though it was difficult to keep up, I learn a lot, and it is nice to talk with others who are going through the same sort of things I am. Using a bunch of us get together on Wednesday evenings at 9PM EST, have some conversation, and answer some fun questions. Or in my case, learn new acronyms. My two acronyms for the day are CDE and MDI.  CDE is Certified Diabetes Educator and MDI is Multiple Daily Injections. I think the next page on The Frizbian is going to be a lexicon for PWDs. Dork.

Christmas tree with gifts

Also this week, is my diaversary (diabetes aniversary). That’s right; tomorrow will officially be six years of diabetes fun and adventures.  That is six years of stabbing myself day-in and day-out in order to process sugar the way the body is supposed to “naturally”. Hopefully that artificial pancreas is on its way.

I received my Veterans Affairs medical benefits card in the mail this week.  Hopefully, I will be able to use that to get some discounts on the prescriptions and may be a pump or CGM. I want the toys. I am tired of having MDI. Having MDI? Being MDI?  I don’t know. I just learned the acronym today. We’ll work on grammer later.

Finally, for now anyway, my sister decided that this year, since she doesn’t have a job, she is going to play Santa Claus and sent us a box full of goodies. She should have saved her money, rented a sled, and came over for Christmas instead. But it does make our Christmas tree look more Christmasy. I can’t believe the spell check let you get away with that.